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how to turn off 'snap to grid'

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Hi all.

Thanks for the info on the kinked line.I think you right about it being a resolution issue.

Another quick question. How do you turn of the snap to grid? I've been to the Tools - Set grid option and unclicked the boxes.Each time i return to this menu the boxes are ticked again. I've been thought the File-Doc Settings-Doc setup route and the same thing happens.

Any ideas?


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Go to the constraints palette. The first tool in the upper left corner is the Snap to Grid tool.

Click on it to turn it off.

Note: The grid will still display if "Show Grid Lines" is checked in the preferences of Snap Grid (accessed by double clicking on tool)

If you double click on the tool to turn the grid lines off, Snap to Grid becomes enabled when double-clicked, so be sure to turn it off again.

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