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creating a pillow

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How about subtracting solids?

1. Extrude a rectangle to the overall size of the pillow (or a little larger), the thickness is probably the mose important.

2. Use the polyline tool to create a concave shape that is larger than the rectangle. This will be the curve to care off one side of the rectangle.

3. Either copy/rotate or create new shapes for the other three edges.

4. Select all 5 objects and subtract solids.

Or Intersect Solids?

1. Create and elipse and extrude it.

2. Look at a side view of the extrusion and screate another elipse. Extude that.

3. Select both extrusions and Intersect Solids.

It all depends on how accurate you need the pillow to be.

Don't ask how to put on fringed tassels. ;-)


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If you start with

Model>3D PowerPack> Create Interpolated Surface

you can make a flat surface and pull the verticies up and down to make the surface bulge you will get (say) the top half.

Then mirror it to get the bottom half and push it around.

This produces a fairly realistic pillow form

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And just to prove I have no life..........

Here's a more finished one, ...complete with tassells. :-D


Interpolated Surface

Push and pull verticies to get the top half

Extract edges to get the seam line, Ungroup and Compose to make 1 NURBS Curve (keep somewhere)


Use Curve to make new Nurbs surface

Push and pull new surface to make bottom half

Move Bottom down a small amount to make room for braid


Get Curve back again

Duplicate curve and move it down the same distance as the bottom was moved

Duplicate it again amd move it half way between them

Scale the middle one to make it a bit bigger than the other 2

Loft between the 3 curves.


Draw half profile of body


Draw curvy line. Extrude along Path with a circle to make 1 string

Make symbol of string

Place multiple string symbols and group

Place Tassel body in place with string group Create Tassel symbol

Place Tassel Symbols in place


Weight with Textures 1.5MB

Weight without Textures 650KB


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