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Subtracting solids


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So how would I go about making them solids?

I used extrude to form the wall. Then I tried doing the "Extract Curve" - Extrude along path thing, just like in the tutorial to create the top of the wall. I turned the extrude into a nurbs curve while I was doing that I think, nothing I tried could make it work. I managed to extract the curve, but couldn't extrude along it. So I traced the top line of the wall and extruded along that.

I have read the entire book, worked my way through the tutorials, some of which don't even work (see my other post) and still find that almost everything I try to do doesn't work. I have never been as frustrated and angry with something as much as this. It is driving me crazy and the book really doesn't explain things, like the answer you just gave me. It WAS a solid, I converted it to try to do something else, can I convert it back?

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