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Custom Titleblock, Record Format, Project/Sheet

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So, I've made up a custom titleblock.

And I've linked all my text back to the record format I created to go along with it.

In the online help, it says to prefix the records with P_ for project, and S_ for sheet. I'm assuming this means that the P_ records are consistent throughout the entire project (ie, I change them one time, and they are changed thruout the project, in the case of owner information or date) and the S_ records are changeable sheet by sheet (ie, page numbers).

Mine doesn't appear to be behaving this way. I do get the Project and Sheet record editing fields out of the Object Info, but the project fields don't seem to edit over the whole project. Am I misinterpreting the difference (or method of use) between the P_ and S_ records? Have I missed something in the setup/creation of the whole thing?

I do not wish to edit the date on umpteen different pages (I can't get a date function to behave either, but I don't mind typing out the date... as long as I only have to do it once).

Thanks much...

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I made one giant record file with many fields (P_project name, P_owner name, P_address, S_sheet number, S_sheet name, etc etc etc).

And I linked all those records to their appropriate text fields on the titleblock symbol.

And I made that the border/titleblock for use in the new drawing file.

And I made a bunch of viewports/sheets, which all have the titleblock symbol on automatically. And I viewed the first sheet, and selected the symbol, and hit the "Edit Title Block" button in the Object Info box. This shows that all my record fields are divided into Project and Sheet. I changed the bits accordingly, closed the editor, and everything was changed on that sheet. yay!

But then I viewed another sheet, and the same titleblock was unchanged in the P_ record fields.

Am I wrong to assume that the P_ fields will change thruout the set?

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Are you using the Drawing Border Tool?

As far as I know, if you place a title block as a symbol without using the Drawing Border tool, it will act like any other symbol. It will not update the record fields for other symbols.

If you place the title block using the Drawing Border tool then VW will know that the "P_" information is used across multiple sheets.

I place a new title block on a new sheet layer, then go to another sheet that already has the TB information I want, open the "Edit Title Block" in the OIP and then the information magically transfers to the new sheets title block.

That seems to work for me.

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I find mine a bit temperamental but the p_ and S_ things do work.. though in typical vectorworks style the language is confusing.

the p_ attrubites will only be affected in the file you are in, not the entire 'project'.. so it will deal with multiple sheet layers but not multiple files.

I dread to think of running a project with 1 file.

I don't know if this si how yours work.. i can't see what you've done wrong.

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I'm working with small projects, and would like to run them as single files. I'm starting with a fresh project anyway (which isn't going anywhere until I get this sorted, so I can set up all layers and whatnot accordingly... this will also probly be the template once I figure everything out).

I used the "Drawing Border" function, in the File > Document Settings > Create Standard Viewports. I can change the P_ and S_ fields on one sheet, but the P_ fields don't stay changed for the next sheet. Do I have to do something else in the initial titleblock/border setup to make that all work properly? Can I change the P_ fields before placing the border thruout the document (per creation of standard viewports)?

Should l just place a new drawing border on each sheet (Merv?)...?

I can't see what I've done wrong either, but it still ain't workin'.

For some reason, I've also got one field that refuses to change when I tell it to, even tho the record is attached properly (fixed). Hrmph.

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More title block issues: I've had limited success with the title block tool. It worked well for the last project but now that I'm onto a new project I'm having serious issues. I too have a custom block that I've created with the attached records. In this new project when I "Edit Title Block" it kicks the record out of my resource browser completely. I can't go back and Import or Reference the record back into my Resource Browser.

Hope this post adds depth to the discussion. Having a custom title block (or trying to) has taken so many billable hours from my projects its ridiculous.

I plan to strip the title block and associated record from the project file and redo the title block and record. I'll post my findings.

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I have not actually placed a title block using the File>Document Setting> Create Standard Viewports method you describe.

I just place a title block on a sheet layer, add all the project information I need, and then each time I subsequently place a new title block on a new sheet layer it will contain the "P_" information I typed into the first block. I use a custom title block which I created from scratch, and used the "link text to record" command to fill in the fields. Using the "P_" and "S_" in front of your filed names when you create the record file allows you to have whatever information you want in the "edit title block" section of the OIP. You can do the same thing with the Revision and Issue information if you name your record fields carefully.

I have not yet had ( and hopefully will not) the unfortunate situation of Mr. Mann.

This may all sound murky and counter intuitive, and I must admit I took several attempts to get it working. It helps if you go and look at the actual record VW uses to create it's title blocks. It can be found in the Libraries > Defaults > Drawing Border > Standard Title Blocks file. That's what I did to determine how to set up the custom version I use now.

On another note, has anyone solved that title block double line thick & thin border printing issue that was mentioned a few days ago.? I though that was normal?! Now that someone pointed out that it shouldbe like that it just irritates the bejeezus out of me. I have not found the post that details any kind of fix.

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Merv - If, after you've established your set with all the titleblocks/drawing borders, you change one P_ field, do they change thruout the project?

Thanks, everyone, for your replies and insight. I've not yet fixed the issues, but I feel like I'm getting a better handle on them. :)

(Oh, and... what does "OIP" mean?)

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Aha! I love that thing!

I was about to get snarky and say, "Yes, I understand that I need to edit my fields with the Obje ... eh, O-I -" And then I realized what question you were answering. heh. :grin:

Thank you for enlightening me.

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That was an unfortunate situation, but i did find a solution.


This is what worked for me: I rebuilt my titleblock (wasn't that bad I just filled out an old one and ungrouped it). I rebuilt my record (made a copy of the old). After putting this stuff in a new file, I made the title block a symbol, attached the record, linked the text and imported it into the file Libraries/Defaults/Drawing Border -Title Blocks/Custom Title Blocks.mcd.* I saved all that business and went back to my working file.

Using the Drawing Border Tool, I double clicked it to insert it onto my sheet and set the border how I wanted (I didn't fill in the Title Block settings). I repeated that for all sheets. Then, here's the difference: Instead of clicking the Drawing Border and then editing the Title Block in the OIP, I used the Issue Manager under the File menu.

When I edit the Block there I only have to type the info once for all P_Fields. You might try this before going through any rebuild.

*note: Importing the custom symbol/record to the Plugins/Common/Data/00_Arch_Sheets file is supposed to allow you to insert the drawing border using the Document Setup menu, but I've had enough trouble and am not about to test that process.

Hope that helps.


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1. When you edit the title block (from the OI palette), on the Project pane is "Apply these values to all title blocks" checked?

2. Was the date field added to the record after the title blocks were added to the drawing?

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1. When you edit the title block (from the OI palette), on the Project pane is "Apply these values to all title blocks" checked?

I can't find that option. Is that in the original titleblock edit (from resources, editing the titleblock symbol), or in the file where I'm using the titleblock?

2. Was the date field added to the record after the title blocks were added to the drawing?

No, I used the date field at the initial creation of the titleblock, before even starting the file in which I used the titleblock. I've used ArchiCAD in the past, and lovelovelove their auto-text functions, so when I found "date" listed in text (number) types, I pulled it. But when I used it, it continually marked all my drawings 01/04/01. And the date on my machine is fine. So I dunno what that was all about.

Now I'd be happy if I can just change the number one time. I'm still having no luck getting the P_ fields to change thruout the file.

Thanks for bumping my thread... I figured I was SOL. :)

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