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Hi all

I have read all the threads on trussing I could find but nothing dealing with what I need, so...

My Company recently obtained some 'Eurotruss' and I need to draw it up, but, if u draw a truss in Vector with spigots, lets say 4000mm and then measure it, it is 152.4mm longer than it should be. Now that gives you 76.2mm on either side which makes up the spigot itself, (that NR 1) Number 2 being that Eurotruss is measured from tip to tip, so a 4000mm piece is 4000mm, not 4152.4mm.


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I am guessing you are using the Truss tool? I get a similar result with the spigot option; the spigots are added to the length of the truss.

I am also guessing that this Eurotruss length of 4000mm includes the spigots? If you want to use the Truss tool I would suggest you subtract 152.4 mm from the length in the OIP and that should give you the right size.


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Thanks David, but what or where is the OIP?

yes I am using the truss tool

I did go and change the actual length of the truss I was drawing, but then it gave me the incorrect length for the information displayed.

Just had a thought...can't u rewrite the script for the truss tool to not add, but include the spigot in the overall length.But how would one do that correctly??

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Object Info Pallette - this is the area you enter information into.

When I tried it, I entered 10' into the length box, then selected Spigoted truss. I measured the object and came up with 10'6", the spigots being 3" long on each end. I went back to the OIP and entered 9'6" as the length, and the resulting object was exactly 10'.

If you enter 3847.6 in the length box, it seems you should end up with 4000 on the object.

FYI, many of the plugin scripts included with VW are locked and uneditable - sorry.

Edited by David Ormsby
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slightly off topic but if you are working in metric and you want a 10' truss. Rather than entering crazy millimetres like above.....just type 10' and vectorworks will convert! How cool is that! I discovered by accident a while back and have been using it ever since...... very useful for us Brits who work a couple of times a year in the US. Also works the other way around.


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