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Same Viewport - Different Output Size

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Other than using a WorkGroupReference, is there a way to have a copy of a Viewport, scaled 50% on an other Sheet Layer, that will also include updates to the Annotations Layer? (I would rather not have to copy & paste every Viewport to 11x17 Sheet Layers to keep up with Annotations.)

I like using the Annotations Layer but perhaps this is a trade-off between one use and another. Something similar to a Viewport version of Layer Linking is what I'm talking about.

Any thoughts?

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I have a series of 36x24 Sheet Layers that make-up my drawing package. For review I print 17x11. To get these 17x11's to scale & and get what I have added to Annotations layer I must re-copy & paste & rescale all of my Viewports to the 17x11 title blocks; otherwise I loose any updates to my Annotations.

I could just not use Annotations, but it is a very handy tool, I would then have to add lots more classes to achive the same effect.

Back in the days of yor, (before viewports) all of my, what are now called Saved Views, had a series of Layer Links from my 36x24 drawings that produced a 50% reduction on a 17x11 Saved View (we called them Sheets in those days). Once set-up I didn't have to think about this, just select the 17x11 Saved Views & print.

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why can't you just reduce the output size to 50% in the print setup dialog box? 50% will get the archd size to print on a tablod size no problem that is how we have done it for years, with preset views and viewport sheets. seems like the copy and paste procedure is a bit complicated.

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our sheets are straight arch format size, so a 36" x 24" sheets has a little border space to catch all the drawing. it is visible as the 'page' on the screen so you know where the drawing limits are. when we change print scales from 100% (full size arch d plots) to 50% (half size tabloid prints), the page on the screen shrinks just a bit, but still captures the drawing. it just gets tighter to the titlblock. we only use tabloid extra- 18" x 12"- when our drawings extend beyond the titeblock area.

i am not sure why you are going through all the effort you describe- it seems incredibly complicated and time consuming. have you tried 45% for tabloid? the scale is odd but you will have the miniset you need without all that messy stuff you describe...

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