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Workgroup Reference questions

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Our firm is growing and we are interested in using Workgroup Reference; multi-users working from the same drawing. We have read the manuals provided by VW (not very good nor clear) we have called VW (not very helpful) We have read most of the post on different forums which are somewhat helpful.

1st question- Is there a solid source (manual/person) that can explain this process and help us set it up.

2nd question- We read about splitting the master file up into sections, elevations, ect. Can someone example a little more. Maybe provide a diagram.

3rd question- How do viewports work within the WGR.

4th question- VW tech support (phone) told us you have to copy and paste back into the master file. Can someone explain this to me.

Really any information or source would be very useful to use. Multi-user on the same cad file could be a wonderful thing.



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Have you used a multi-user environment workflow in another CAD program before?

What would the ideal situation be for using VectorWorks in your multi-user environment. (This will depend on how workgroup referencing is handled)

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1- i found the manual to be useful on this.. it takes a bit of reading but it is all there

2- We do this on large projects, it allows more people to work on plans at once and limits the damage if one corrupts.. is a bit slower and more fiddly. only use if you need to

3- the Viewports exist shwoing a window onto the design layers. it can manipulate layer and class visibilities and do cunning things like scale text and line weights and stuff. it can be confusing to staff so explain well!

4- no idea.. doesn't make much sense.

basically it works like acad.. best to try and play with it. I can send you our sheet set up if you want.


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Please send a sheet setup. Thanks for your input. The meaning behind #4. VW tolds with we make changes we have to copy and paste those changes into the master file. I'm a bit confused.

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