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Win 98 screen regen

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I will check with our development team to find out if this issue has been reproduced by them. We have tried to get it to happen here in tech support but have been successful.

If you can give a little more insight as to when the problem happens maybe we can get it happen here


Shawn Waithe

Diehl Graphsoft inc.

Tech Support Manager

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It Happens All the time. If I use the wall tool draw my wall then I insert doors into the walls using the door tool ( plug-in objects ) the door I insert will not display, the wall appears as if it hasen't changed, no door, no hole nothingnuntil I zoom, and then the door displays normally. But every time I insert the door this happens. I have a Gforce 32 mb Nvidia vidio card, 256 mb of ram and an 800 mhz P3 processor.

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Happens to me all the time also within the following parameters: Insertion within a wall of a plug-in object accessed via the AEC Objects palette such as window (simple or complex), door(simple or complex), or an opening in wall. The insertion works fine, it's just that you have to "redraw" the screen to see the result. If you didn't know better, you would think that the object was not placed. I usually, zoom out and then zoom. It's not a horrendous problem, just annoying. And from my memory I don't think this occurred in 8.0, but not sure.

BTW - Using v8.5.1 with Renderworks installed on a 600mHz P3 with Win98 and 256Mb RAM and a 32Mb Riva TNT2.

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And I thought it was just me. I have a 16mb card on a 21" monitor and have the same problem. Until the programmer maestros fix it I have upped the size to 1280x1024(or larger if you can do it)and increased the refresh rate of the monitor (be careful here) to get it to stop this silliness.

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The screen regen problem happens to me on a regular basis with plug-in objects in walls even when editing plug-ins, such as changing a windows sill size, etc. it does not display unless you scroll up and then back. The handles for the object move, but the object does not generate. Also when I zoom in or out sometimes it does not seem to register until I do something else then all of a sudden I am zoomed. Also sometimes my windows don't scroll, or there is a delay. I am using a Pentium Pro 200 (ok so it's not the fastest) with 128 MB ram, a 16MB 3dFX Voodoo3 card with a 20" Sony Multiscan 20SE (actually it's an apple Monitor, but I think it's virtually identical) I am running Windows 98SE and have the latest video drivers etc. I try to use 1152x864 resolution. This problem is annoying to say the least.

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