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Saving Text as a custom tool

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I want to save various text configurations that I use as a "custom tool". I use about five different combinations of text size and style, and it would be efficient to have them on a palette.

I tried it in much the same way that you would save a custom wall as a tool...with everything deselected, I set the text preferences I wanted (12pt helvetica bold), selected the text tool, and then in the menu selected custom tool with everything deselected except the save text box. (The save "save tool" check box is greyed, i.e not available. I then name the script and it shows up as a tool on the command palette, so far so good.

Having done all this, it does not work when I double click on the item in the palette.

Any suggestions?

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Neil, I encountered the same problem you did. I did find that if you first select the Text tool and then click on your script it works. I will add this to our bug list and have one of our programmers take a closer look into this.

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