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PC workspace to Mac?

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Anybody know if it's possible to import a custom PC workspace to a Mac? If so, how? Thanks....

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hi nick,

,, I have coppied my VW files from my PC at work to my Mac at Home,, seems to import the workspace with it,, if ya wanna get specific, would you save your workspace as a template in .sta. and then take that to the mac? I just use a 2gig mem stick, and 'explore' my computer to transfer stuff.

hope i didn't miss the obvious


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You cannot use a PC workspace on a Mac computer and visa versa. They are two different formats.

drawwhat - the workspace is a separate file, not included with a VW document.

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Nick, - Katie

sorry.... thanks for the info/reply

had I had any Pride, my face would be Red..... ;-}>


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Up to VW 12.5.2 (haven't tried for VW 2008 yet) you can copy a Mac workspace to a PC and vice versa. You have to know that a Mac file can have a resource fork and a data fork. Sort of two files in one. Copying to PC makes a file loose the Resource fork, but in the case of the workspace that is where the "data" is. Use QuickConvert by Dave MacLachlan

( http://download.nemetschek.net/eDispatch/QuickConvert.zip ) to swap Data and Resource forks.

Duplicate your Mac workspace, add the extension .qtr and drag the file onto QuickConvert. You don't see anythingh happen, but it did. Send to a PC and ready you are.


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