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G4 OS9 Freeze

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Ive noticed one pattern with the freezing Ive experienced with the new G4. When I grab an object to drag it across the screen and I get to the edge of the screen VW starts to pan automatically. Every so often (enough to be a problem) the program will freeze and I have to force quit. I'm running the 8.5.2 beta, but I had this problem on 8.5.1.

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This may be a video problem. I've had panning and zooming crashes with my newer G4. Recent posts to this BB and VW list suggest turning off the ATI Rage extensions. This did not work for me, but may help you. I've also found this only happens with certain pre 8.5 files.

I'm running a G4 400/256 w/ 100MB to VW - VW8.5.1 - OS9.



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How has the 8.5.2 been working for you. It seems to help some people but we don't feel it solves the problem. Please let us know.


Shawn Waithe

Diehl Graphsoft inc.

Tech Support Manager

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8.5.2 didn't help but I turned off my virtual memory and I haven't crashed since. This is fine most of the time but when I open several documents or I'm working on a complex 3-D model I have to have Virtual Memory on so it's still a problem.

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