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pipe tape

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I've been thinking a lot lately about how one would go about printing a pipe tape from vectorworks. I know it would take a script to do it, which I have very little knowledge of.

I figure it would collect selected information from the lights on a particular position (channel / type / accessories) and place that information on a 1:1 scale viewport at the appropriate distances.

Has anyone successfully done this, or have any ideas of how it could be accomplished?

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I would love someone to do this.... I have a recollection of this being done in vectorworks but is ages ago.

I am not responsible normally if ever for the positioning of fixtures on my designs, however if this was available then it would encourage those that the drawings are written for to actually put the instruments in the correct place. (sorry almost a rant!!!!)


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The Brother P-Touch QL-550 Printer will print 62mm (2-3/7") x 100-ft Paper tape without cuts. It can be used to print a merge file for things such as repeating labels.

I am currently investigating whether or not I can wind my own cash register tapes onto an empty spool, because the store bought paper from Brother is prohibitively expensive.

I will post the results if I succeed.

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I don't know how the printer setup/drivers/formatting/etc would work, but we used to use some epson cash register printers for POS work that use regular paper tapes. The ones we used were OLD and had RS232 connections, but I am sure the newer ones would work off USB.

If the interfacing stuff is taken care of, couldn't one set up a 3"x50' page size and print as a normal page?

probably way off base here, but just a thought.


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