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Sharing VW files between Mac & PC

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Typically when sending a mac file to a PC user, the file extension is not there.

A good rule of thumb for mac users who plan to work with PC users is to get in the habit of saving the filename.mcd to avoid this in the future.

To open a Mac file on a PC, the PC user will need to right click on the file and add .mcd to the end of the file name.

To open a PC file on a Mac, the file association will need to be written. To do this, get info on the file and set the file to open with VectorWorks.

Another good rule of thumb to keep in mind is when exchanging files between Macs and PCs, compress the file (.zip or .sit) to maintain file associations. Email applications can often strip the file extension.

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Is there still that problem with opening files that are on CD's? It used to be that you couldn't open a file that's on a CD because it's automatically a "read-only" file, no "write" permission. You had to copy the file to the hard disk first, and open that copy.

At least that was true on Windows. With older Windows versions you also had to remove the read-only attribute from the file's properties.

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