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Would it be possible for me to send you a file that i'm having problems with?

I am wanting to blend the main edges around the body of the guitar. Problem is it was created by a polyline and no matter how small the radius, the edge refuses to blend. Any suggestions?

I will email the file if you need. I have posted this problem before but nothing else has worked.

Thanks heaps


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Thanks for taking the time to look at that.

If you could tell me if you actually recieved the file that would be great, my school email account has been prone to sending outgoing messages randomly into cyberspace.

[big Grin]



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I just sent the fixed project back to you with a suggestion for an easier way to go about it.

The guitar has so many facets, it will take all day to select all of them and blend them.

Basically, I gave you a step by step on going back to the root poly object, copy, convert the copy to a nurbs curve, draw an arc and use the arc and nurbs to extrude along path.

Then cut that object and paste it back in the final stage. Duplicate it and position both pieces so they fit along the edges of the guitar.

Using Add Solids after the two extrude along path objects are snug on the edges of the guitar, you will get the final result desired. It's essentially the same as using blend edge, however in this case, it's much shorter to do it this way rather than the blend edge way.

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Thank you so much for looking at the file, I appreciate it more than I can say.

I feel so terrible saying this, but, I didn't actually recieve the returned file [Frown]

If you happen to have a copy of the e-mail you sent in a "sent messages" folder or something...and if you could re-send it both to nicola.andrews@stpeters.qld.edu.au and to_a_better_place@hotmail.com (you dont have to attatch the file unless you made any changes to it)....that would be very much appreciated (again, lol)...so sorry, I do understand how many requests and things you have to do and it must get quite inconvenient when somethign messes up [Frown]

always, nic.

[ 03-20-2003, 05:30 AM: Message edited by: nic ]

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The email keeps coming back to me.

It says it's received by your mail server, but has this message -

451 4.0.0 I/O error

Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours

Will keep trying until message is 5 days old

I'll go ahead and send it to the other accounts. I don't think I can send it to the hotmail account because of file size. I just demonstrated how the extrude along path looks like the blend edge affect. If you follow my included steps, you shouldn't have a problem replicating the affect.

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Thanks for your patience. No you won't be able to send to the hotmail account because of file size, but you will be able to send the instructions.

It is possible that the file size is also too big for my college email account to recieve - we have limits but i thought they were larger than what VW file is.

to_a_better_place@hotmail.com is out best bet.

thanks a lot Katie [smile]


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The email that I get iwth teh error message in it should have said something like file size exceeds maximum file size allowed for the following account, or something like that.

The error is an i/o error on the schools email server end.

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