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The word went out over a week ago. I just fueled the anticipation with that post.

You can view more about 2008 on the various 2008 threads and by visiting this website:


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Needless to say we were all pondering the naming problem. v13 or something similar to ACad naming VW08 ( too similar to v8 ) or VW2008. My preference was for v13 cus it's a Fibonacci Prime. Nevertheless, 2008 is far less radioactive avoiding the sorcery of the thing ( recalling the infamy of Apollo 13 ).

The advantage of the v13 is continuity , and VW2008 is predictable yearly versioning. Thank god they didn't go over to Roman numerals. But this begs the question ... should software versioning be based on an arbitrary yearly product cycle.

What happens if v13 > VW2008 ... is the most successful release to date but it takes 11 long months to saturate the international market with a sales plateau on month 12 ?

And then ... what happens to the scheme in 2013 ? The answer is that we can now expect bi-annual releases for the foreseeable future ... the next version will be VW2010... and you can take that to the bank.

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