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How to easily draw floor patterns

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So I have learned that the best way to get help here is to pose a problem and ask how other people out there have solved it.

I need to draw 12x24 floor tiles in a running bond in my lobbies on several floors and in several different rooms.

What is the easiest way to do this? I have tried just drawing lines and it is slow and difficult to edit.

thanks much

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Okay, but how?

I can not find a way to control hatches so that I can set the pattern differently in each room. I need to control where the joint are.

Do you have a way of doing this?

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You would create a different polygon for each room you want this pattern.

Then, use the Hatch menu to drop in a hatch and control where the pattern starts.

If you are looking for a grid like a drop ceiling, use the ceiling grid tool.

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Thanks Katie--that seems to control things better than I was previously able to.

One question--I did a quick check and it seems that using the Modify>Hatch tool sets the pattern in a polygon that is not update if the hatch definition is edited after the hatch is set in the polygon.

Awful sentence. Sorry.

But is that right?

I want to confirm that the hatches are not going to change unexpectedly after I have set them.

thanks much,

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My initial enthusiasm has dimmed. I think I remember why we don't use the Modify>Hatch tool.

When you place a hatch that way it isn't really a hatch, but a group. This is not good for file size.

It is also sort of unsatisfactory from a pure CAD beauty standpoint.

Can you confirm/clarify?

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you can have what you want with hatches: just make a new hatch for every room; that way you can control the center point (or zero point or whatever you wanne call it) for each room. Notice that you can set the start point of a hatch? set these to the point where you want to start it for the room.

This way you will have many hatches, but they are still hatches.

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Way not just create a Hybrid Symbol of the floor tile ... then you can assign

hatch/image/textures in both 2d&3d. Use duplicate array to fill the space . When

special tile cuts are require symbol>edit>dup>edit>replace symbol

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