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Zero K file corruptions on the Mac in VW 12.5.2

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi everyone,

We thought that we had successfully addressed all of the zero K file corruptions issues in 12.5.2, but we have found another variation. We think this variation is much less common because the set of users who we were working with last spring who were experiencing these types of problems in 12.5.1 have not reported recurrences using their regular workflows in 12.5.2.

Regardless, our current reproducible case is: if you have multiple VectorWorks files open and you activate a VectorWorks file from the dock, do anything or nothing with that file, then send that file back to the dock, then save what appears to be the new active file without clicking on it (using manual save or Autosave), the corruption will occur.

If you work in such a way that you think you might encounter the problem described above, we recommend that:

a. If you save a file immediately after sending a different file to the dock, click on the file you want to save first.

b. If you use Autosave, and sending files to the dock is part of your workflow, consider changing your Autosave settings to:

- Autosave to a backup file.

- Autosave by number of operations rather than by number of minutes.

Rest assured that in the next release, this problem will be fixed and there will be new safeguards in place to prevent the overwriting of existing files with zero K or otherwise corrupt files.


Mark Farnan

Core Technologies Manager

Nemetschek NA

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