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railing has lines when rendered?

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Try different render modes in Menu/View/Rendering/??? . To cut down on render time, paste some of your railing into a new drawing and render with several of the options available to see what you like best. It would be easier to help you if your post lists software and hardware you are using, and the render mode causing your angst.

If you have Renderworks, it usually defeats lines in Final mode. Or, you might be defaulting to one of the Renderworks "Artistic" modes, some of which render with edge and fill lines. One is even called "Cartoon".

Some of the Polygon rendering modes also have lines.

Are you working with viewports? It is possible, and sometimes desirable to have a rendered viewport stacked below an unrendered one (emphasizes edges). You would see lots of lines in this situation.

Add more info to your post for better responses on this.

Good luck!


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