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Maybe its just another brain infarction, but I can't see or remember how to do this.

Normally, I want to have "adjust flipped text" checked (VW Prefs). But there are times when I do not want the text to adjust. An example would be signage painted on the ground which I want to maintain a particular orientation (Like, "No Parking").

First problem is this preference is a document wide preference, so if I make an exception for a particular file, it can mess up all the others.

Second problem is that I may want it working both ways in the same file.

How can I overide the preference in particular instances?



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Actually, this pref does not have a memory. You can toggle the pref off and your existing text (flipped/adjusted or not) is unaffected. Create and rotate/flip some new text. It will turn upside down or orient the way you desire. Turn the pref back on, and your newly rotated text does not revert to an adjusted state. Subsequent new rotations will adjust/flip and stay that way. Dimensions are a special case, but you can control their flip with the OIP. Try this on a test file to satisfy yourself that it is safe to change the pref without messing up other files or past text flips.

The True Type to Poly option works, too. But then you have objects, not text - no editing with the text tool.


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I stand corrected. I never knew that toggling the preference left pre-created text unaffected. That is quite nice.

Also, I just found that even when Adjust Flipped Text is set to on, you can select a piece of text and enter a rotation value such as 180? in the OIP and it will stick.

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What about the effect of viewports and the dislay of text? I have a file that looks correct in the design layer, but when it is displayed in a viewport it is incorrect if adjust flipped text is turned on. If I toggle the preference, it changes how the text is displayed in the viewport.

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