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Renderworks will not install - HELP!

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We just bought a copy of Vectorworks for Windows with renderworks. VW installed fine, no problems, but RW will not install. I have tried several times. I have unistalled RW and reinstalled it. I have uninstalled VW and RW and reinstalled both but RW just will not install. What am I doing wrong?

I am instaling on a pentium II 233Mhz with 128 MB and 650 MB free disk space.

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RenderWorks is just a plug in. It will not change any of the settings of the program unless you are in that workspace. If you have an Uninstall option like you said, the program may possibly be installed and you are not in the correct location. An easy way to check is by going to the Help menu and select About VectorWorks this will tell you that RenderWorks is installed and it will give you both serial numbers one for VectorWorks and another for RenderWorks. If these items are here than RenderWorks is installed correctly.

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It's probably not a good idea to try to get installation information for a post over a year ago. Unless you are using version 9.0.0 or 9.0.1.

To install RenderWorks correctly in the current version, all you need to do is supply your RenderWorks serial number with the VectorWorks number when asked by the installer.

If for some reason you are installing from a 9.0.1 CD set, when you install RenderWorks, you will need to browse to your VectorWorks 9.0.1 folder. These old CDs mistakenly default to the 9.0.0 location.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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ok.. sorry. I will back up a step here.

I am trying to install Renderworks over top of Vectorworks 8.5.1 (not into 9 anything yet)

The installation defaults to my Vectorworks folder.

When I start Vectorworks after the installation there is no request for a serial number.

Also the installation is so fast I am thinking that nothing is really installed anyway. I am talking 5 seconds. If that.

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Ok, 8 has a different set of problems.

Yes, it should install very fast, the most likely cause of all this is QuickTime. In version 8, RenderWorks is a QuickTime 3D plugin. Unfortunately, Apple no longer bundles QuickTime 3D as part of the default QuickTime package.

So try this, get the most recent version of QuickTime from www.apple.com/quicktime and install it. Once it is installed, run the QuickTime updater from the start menu, and click on the custom button. Then make sure that the QuickTime 3D option has a check box next to it indicating QuickTime 3D is installed.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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Let me get this straight, because I am having the same problem installing Renderworks on a pentium 4 1.0 ghz with windows XP. It says it's installed but when I go into vectorworks I dont' get the REnderworks installed note on the little startup splash screen like I do on my Mac.

There isn't an option to install quicktime. Is Quicktime on the CD or do I have to get it from the Apple site? Do I have to have Quicktime installed prior to installing Renderworks and ...Why does Renderworks say it's installed after the installing procedure when it isn't.

All these questions because the CD cover just says sick it in an follow the screen instructions.


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