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top riser of stair tool

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The top riser should be the floor deck header/rim framing in standard construction...would it not? And so should be handled with a nosing and riser seperate from the stair geometry. The stair tool will build the stairs as they would in the field...less the top riser.


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Pete, true, but for ease of modeling I agree that showing the top riser would save a bunch of time.

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not really, the top riser is part of the stair system not the floor system. think of interior stairs. the risers might some exotic material and one would want it to be part of the stair system not floor system.

the stair tool should show: top riser and nosing but no tread. in plan view the top nosing would be open on the back side so as to have no line when meeting the floor system and only show a dashed riser line.

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For typical wood construction, I agree with the details of digital's comments. This would make the display of a stairs object much easier to handle.

Pete A. is technically correct about how wood stairs are typically constructed. I think Pete would agree, though, with digital's description of top step detailing.

But often the whole top tread and stringer are actually built so that the top tread is co-planar with a floor, typical with many steel-framed stairs in concrete slab construction. So construction detailing is not necessarily consistent across building types. In this case, where the top tread of a stairs is often actually prefabricated as part of the unit, the current system in VW would be more apropos. Islandmon, is this what you are thinking?

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Stairs are a Code Rated subassembly. The issue is whether or not the TopTread ( and / or nosing )

should be included with the LastRiser as is now the case with the StairTool.

What if we flip the issue upside down and then ask, ' shouldn't a starting FloorTread be included with the FirstRiser ? '.

For obvious reasons Building Codes require the existence of both a base FloorTread and an ending Landing-StoreyTread

in order to calculate the rise&run of the stairs ( although in practice both the BaseFloor & Landing-StoreyTreads are

often replaced by compatible Floor subassemblies ).

Therefore, the StairTool must also offer the option of showing these mandatory Tread/Riser components regardless of the Stair configuration.

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