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VideoScreen 2.2 Released!

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Greetings from Music City!

We are pleased to announce the release of VideoScreen 2.2 - the Plug-In that makes working with Video Devices in VectorWorks incredibly easy.

2.2 Highlights include:

- A ?Coverage Zone? feature has been added to aide users in the sizing and placing of screens.

- Models (including appropriate aspect calculation modifications) have been added for projectors on their sides.

- More stock lenses have been added to the projector lens list - along with a custom lens feature that allows users to input specific lenses that may not be on the list.

- The projector placement calculations have been improved to compensate for projector height relative to screen height. Part of this is an ?alarm? that is triggered if a user tries to place a projector higher than is possible to get a given image size.

- A few new stock screen images have been added, including color bars.

- The VideoScreen Floor feature was updated to allow screens and projector stands to have different settings.

- A few minor bugs have been fixed.

This is a FREE upgrade for current users. For those of you who are not current users, but who would like more information, visit http://www.landrudesign.com/VWPlugIns.htm.

Regards -

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