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Ceiling grid objects give incorrect area takeoffs?

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During a recent cost estimate I noticed that my ceiling grid takeoff was roughly double my floor area. It seems that ceiling grid object show double the actual area in the object info pallet. Is this a bug? Could I be creating my grids incorrectly?

After using the "covert objects to polygons" command, I noticed that grid objects become a group containing two closed polygons and four single line polygons.

Anybody else notice this? A quick search of the forum didn't give any results.

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Robert, this scares me off. See the letter I wrote " General VW Questions - Things of Concern ? "

This person have a huge problem and the answer is short and sweet it "is known but not public domain" and "it will be corected in the next major release" WOW WOW

Say for instance this person lost a contract, or made a arsehole in front of clients or fired out of his job whatever the case maybe it can be taken to a scenario where your home structural part was designed by a structural engineer and it dropped down on your family and all he had to say "oh my,my I knew I made a mistake but forgot to tell anybody"

Where is NNA's sense of responsibility ? Are we supposed to be encouraged to buy further releases of VW ? This person may be lucky but what about the next and the next ....with a V12.5?

No go - this is a total unresponsible attitude!

Why was it not corrected in V12.5.2 or better if you are responsible and DO REGARD the user and KNOW of the bug NOW, not rectify it by means of a "hot patch" ?

Sorry to say - it do not go down well.

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I agree that sh!t happens, but you are missing clb's point. In this case, NNA knew it was going to happen. Luckily I was able to catch this before it was too late.

I agree with clb that this is a very serious issue, and it deserves more than some flippant remarks from other forum users.

I have posted a request for a list of known bugs elsewhere on this forum, but curiously have not gotten any response from NNA. Not being able to draw things a certain way or getting odd graphic behavior is one thing. But, when VW gives incorrect information and NNA knew that it would is another problem all together.

I think that at least NNA should notify it's users of known issues, particularly those that give incorrect quanities. At the very least, a notice that VW cannot be relied upon to give correct measurements should be given. VW's liscense agreement states that NNA does not warrant the program from being error free, but I wonder just when negligence kicks in if a specific error was known but not immeadiately addressed. Is output of false/incorrect information considered a "program error"?

How far should we users extend trust in the program? Do we actually trust dimensions that are generated with the dimension tool? Do we trust results given by the tape measure tool when determining a roof slope? Do we trust the wall thickness that is diplayed when drawing our plans? Do we trust that proportions displayed by a 3D model are accurate?

My exaggeration may sound like paranoia, but I ask what's the point of using a program if you cannot rely on its accuracy? I suppose I should go call my liability insurance carrier....

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Jodyb17, my first response was very critical of NNA and quite similar to yours ( but not as expertly penned ; ) !

However, my network connection dropped seconds before submitting it.

After saving then re-reading my self-righteous morally justified diatribe, it soon became event that none of us

actually inhabit a perfect world ... and ... we all tend to take our mistakes for granted while over-emphasizing those of others.

Why should NNA be any different ?

Sure it sucks when the pod crash lands on Mars because of some stupid math error...

@#%* happens

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I know that every program will have its issues, particularly complicated ones like cad programs. Like I agreed before, the world isn't perfect, but NNA deserves and should address this criticism.

What I am trying to convey is that NNA knew of the issue beforehand.

If they knew they could have informed its users.

If they would inform their users, the users could in turn avoid mistakes that would cause extensive redesign or worse.

While it may not be NNA's official position, an NNA rep has stated that it would be impractical to post known issues.

Other cad programs offer such a resource, and I am surprised that more VW users aren't requesting this information. Without such a resource aren't we all in essence beta version testers?

I'm not claiming to be perfect, but I also don't think I'm over-emphasizing the issue.

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