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Multi-Processor+64 Bit+Videocard Rendering



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Actually, the best thing about the suggestion is enabling all the processors to work at once. 64 bit opens twice as many data channels for each calculation, so theoretically it should perform faster. I believe there are ways of using that potential for things other than increased precision. But a lot of code has to be written before that could happen, so in the short term I'm not sure we're going to see any tangible results from 64 bit.

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There is a difference between multi-threading and 64 bit processing. In general, you will not see much of a speed gain from 64 bit processing. The main advantage that a 64 bit application affords is being able to address more than 4GB of memory.

Multi-threading is a different story. A well written multi-threaded application can really shine on the newer multi-cored workstations. However, threading adds significant overhead, is much more difficult to write, and can be a huge pain to debug.

VW is multi-threaded, but in what way I'm not sure.

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Check your Task Manager, and you will see that except for RenderWorks rendering VW uses only about 25% of the processor (if you have a quad core or quad emulation).

64 bit technology has a 64 channel bus, so you have the potential for greater computing speed. But it's up to programmers to find ways of using that potential. I don't think that "64 bit precision" is going to have the kind of traction that "32 bit precision" had a few years back, so the question is, can they find a way of using the greater bandwidth? I suspect they are on top of it, but I don't know enough to know what or how.

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