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Quick Draw 3D (.3dmf) import?

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The import image files options under the File pull down menu when quick time 4 is installed will sho the types of files that Vectorworks can import. If your file type is not supported do some research and try to find a program that will take your file type and convert it into a format Vectorworks can use.

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You should know that .3dmf files are not image files, but rather

3D models. The 3dmf (3D metafile) format is a standard that was

agreed upon by Apple and SGI years ago and which is rather popular

in some circles. 3dmf files are written and read by QuickDraw 3D,

Apple's 3D graphics subsystem which has become part of QuickTime

and which will eventually be replaced by OpenGL. Since VectorWorks

includes a QuickDraw 3D renderer, it's not unreasonable to think

that it also can or should read/write 3dmf files. I don't believe

that we do this, however.

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