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Be sure to select all and then in the object info palette, select the layer to put it on from the pull down list. Otherwise, I typically select the objects, use cut, navigate to the correct layer and paste in place

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I guess I should describe what I am doing

I imported a PDF floor plan to a layer I created to have it reside in.

Then I traced over the PDF plan with my selected wall types.

I forgot to change the active layer to the apprpriate model floor plan and drew it on the layer I created for the PDF floor plan to reside on.

Now I try to cut and paste the only VW walls and move them to my desired mod floor plan worksheet. When I do this it shows up as a elevation of the floor plan. Why?

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Also keep in mind that individual design layers can be in different views, such as plan, top plan, elevation, isometric or perspective. to force all visible layers to a certain view, try using stack layers under the view menu. or change the standard view on while each layer is active.

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