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strategies and opinions on autosave

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Does everyone use this feature?

I have it set at 30 min intervals but it ALWAYS pops up in the middle of an operation which seems to cancel anything I may be in the middle of.

The fact that it always overrides the previous backup - instead of creating a new one - means that if I discover a mistake that I made 2 hours ago (or yesterday) I am out of luck.

This isn't a critique of the software - VW can't anticipate my own stupidity. How do others use it - or what alternative methods are preferred?

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I have my autosave set at 5 min. intervals with the max number of undo steps set to 100. This setup does not help in the case of stupid mistakes...but I have had to recover from a fatal error which is always due to my stupidity. I also take very seriously, manual saves constantly with the ctl-S key combination every couple of moves and depending on the complexity every single step especially when building roof structures or framig.

Most of the time I can't remember what I did 2 minutes ago let alone 30 minutes...


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I started using the Autosave only recently. Set to 15 min, and 20 Undo steps.

Like others, I add manual saves after accomplishing certain steps - but also prior to executing certain commands that might go wrong (like Compose p.e.).

Anyone using the Save as Backup Copy as well ?

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