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Window schedule/adding parameter

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1- I've looked all over for a way to add "Net Glazed Area" to the window schedule, including the formula =(Window.NetGlazedArea), which returns a huge strange number. Whassup? Wrong formula, obviously, but what's the right one and where in Help, etc are the formulas/formats listed?

2- Along those lines, in one thread I found mention of reordering the window parameters in the OIP by moving them in the # column up or down. But in my VW, there appears to be no # column (I'm looking in the Settings/Data list). There is the first column (which is a numbered list but has no symbol # at heading) but nothing is movable. Wrong place?

Thanks much...

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I have noticed the same problem as Don, and I've noticed that no matter units listed for the dimension area, and no matter how the formula is divided or multiplied, the result of =('Window'.'NetGlazedArea') is always 12 x too large....

Robert, any idea? I just submitted this as a bug

Brad O'Donnell

VW 2008

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

To add a parameter name to a column in a database row in a worksheet, you use the following general formula:


So for example, the glazing description of a window is:


The trick here is to figure out the parameter name, of course, as it's possible to have more verbose "alternate names" show up on the Object Info palette. You can either peruse the parameter listing in the VectorScript Plug-in Editor or there is also a script over in the VectorScript section of the TS Board that will print out all records (including parameters) attached to an object.

HTH, Robert

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