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My office title block and border

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Just received my copy of VW 12 and am really excited to get up and running. Mostly, just trying get a handle on the terminology is where I am. I have the design series guide and fundamentals guide. And most likely will have to purchase some tutorial of a step by step setup of a sample project to get going. Today, In the meantime I would like to import my title block and border from acad to vw. Not sure which layer it should be placed. I'm assuming the sheet layer for each sheet. But I can't seem to get it to display with the corresponding work of the design layer. For instance foundation model and foundation sheet

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importing your custom title block is the first step, but it?s only a small part. You need to edit it and put it with the other custom and standard title blocks in the default library:

VectorWorks/Library/Defaults/Drawing Border - Title Blocks/Custom Title Blocks.mcd

there are a few steps to this and by far the easiest way is to edit one of the custom ones in that file.

There is a lot more information about this in my VectorWorks Architect Tutorial Manual, available from my web site.

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We deal with title blocks by making it a symbol that is inserted into each sheet layer.

The symbol is set up in the project symbols file. It is referenced into the various drawing files. This is handy because we can update all of the titleblocks for a project at one time.

An important thing to keep in mind with VW is that page layouts are organized around 0,0. We have found that organizing our design and sheet layers and title blocks around the 0,0 point is very helpful.

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