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Rotating hybrid 3d object

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I'm sure this has been answered before, but why not?

When working in 3D you have to change symbols when using hybrids if you want to go from say bottom hang to top hang.

I'm guessing that this is just the way it is and that there has been no clamor for something different.

Or is it that the 2D layer ups the ante on processing power?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

There has been lots of clamor from Spotlight users about it, but not much clamer from Vectorworks users as a whole.

Most designers demand the 2D representation, represent the 3D top view. Alowing rotation of the 3D object would break this rule.

It's a long standing constraint that needs to be revisited in order to give flexibility given today's uses.

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Rotating a hybrid symbol has never been possible, but there is a workaround.

- Place a hybrid symbol, go to the (for instance) front view.

- Select the symbol and go to Edit> Dupicate Array

- Make it a circular array. Make sure the "rotate duplicates" is checked

This will make a copy of the hybrid symbol, wich is rotated to your wished.

Warning! This action will mess up the 2D representation of the symbol.

If you want a better alternative for rotation (and other stuff), check out:


RemcoT (www.rtn-showsupport.com)

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better to have one symbol for up and one for down and maybe on on its side. if you really need the 2d version to change with each symbol remember that a moving head unit upside down is only a square-so if you really want it to look upside down in 2d it would match your key. i leave all 2d symbols to match my key. this is another 2d copnsession like having the 2d of an underhung unit over the truss with a note saying underhung so that you can stillsee the symbol type. better to swap a "mac TW1" with a "mac TW1 under" that you make yourself so that when you drop it 7 times you don't have to rotate. it is already upside down. this requires going into a duplicated and renamed symbol and rotating the 3d symbol all the way down and down and down in the layers of symbols and groups. this you can always do for a unit, then you have teh symbol for future reuse. IF ONLY IT WERE THIS EASY TO HAVE VERTICAL TRUSS. as far as i know i have to pick a size and turn it into a 3D polygon in order to rotate it, especially if it is curved. and then i can't edit it, i'd have to rebuild it and break it down again to rotate it.

the problem with outside plugins is that you then have a problem when using the file on someone else's computer. at the very least you can't do what you can at home.

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Not sure if this helps but they way I "appear" to get around this problem is to make sure you are in top/plan view, drop the symbol you want to rotate, double click the object, this will open up the group edit window. Select all of the symbol with a lasoo, then use rotate to rotate the symbol how you want it, exit (top right) the symbol will the be how you want it. I have had pars hung on their side pointing off stage and on stage on booms etc... sp far no adverse effect... I think. Any use?

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I know this is an old thread, but I have questions that I think continue this discussion:

1) It is my understanding that this new 3D rotation functionality applies to Symbols, as-well - and not just lighting device PIOs. Am I correct?

If so...

2) Most of the time, when I try to do any rotation about either the X or Y axis I get the "Hybrid objects can only be rotated about the Z axis." error box. There are times that things do rotate as I think they should - but I can't figure out what I did to enable that. What am I missing?

3) For my workflow I really prefer to have separate symbols for different fixture orientations. That way, a) the 2D representation on the plots show the person building the rig how something needs to hang (w/o extensive notations) and b) when a symbol is placed the 3D part is automatically oriented a certain way w/o any extra steps. My question: Is there a way for the 3D rotation/orientation info to be stored in the Symbol definition w/o having to make OIP changes every time a Symbol is placed? This would allow users who work as I've described above keep their workflow, save all users a step, allow for flexibility this new functionality offers, and allow for links to ESP's Vision to work as they should.

Make sense?

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