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3D Solid Model Rapid Prototype Service

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June 20, 2007

SEARAILS is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its VECTORWORKS 3D Solid Modeling services. (Please see www.searails.com on which ALL models viewed have been created with VECTORWORKS)

Submit your Vectorworks 3D model file for quoting and receive a finished model quote within 24 hours.

Vectorworks 3D files in STL, IGES, SAT or other formats can be used to create solid (?watertight?) 3D display or study models in very short turnaround times using Rapid Prototype Laser printing processes.

Costs are very simple;

Architectural models (base scale: 1/16= 1?-0?) -

$0.10 per scale square foot of ground floor.

$0.05 per scale square foot of additional floor levels.

$0.01 per scale square foot of repetitive floor levels.

$1.00 per 3D objects (furniture and fixtures).

Cost for other scales are factors of the base scale (eg. 1/8 scale = 2x, ? scale = 4x, etc.)

Non-architectural models - $100.00 per cubic inch

Articulation - $100.00 per instance

Illumination - $10.00 per instance

Animation - please describe need for quoting purposes

SEARAILS will also quote the modification of Vectorworks 3D files into producable solid models.

NOTE! Vectorworks does NOT create solid objects with Nurbs, Mesh, Lofts or "flat" 3D Polys. SEARAILS will quote these objects as conversions (if possible).

You may contact SEARAILS for quoting and discussion by

Email ? harbormaster@searails.com

Phone ? 1-800-929-3361 to leave message

Mail - #366, Valley Ford, CA 94972

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