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Hi Peter,

Judging by your name you're either Flemish or Dutch. In that case you might be using a Benelux version of the software, including specialized (loalized) functions, which will speed up the process considerably. If that's the case, you can drop me an email at bart@designexpress.be and I'll see what I can do to explain.

Kind regards,

(of met vriendelijke groeten, zoals je wil)


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Dag Peter,

You have two ways of creating 3D buildings in VectorWorks: either you use the layer system to stack the different parts of your building on top of each other. The fastest way to do this is by using walls, floors, columns, roofs and so on. You draw them in plan, and they exist in 3D.

Or you do it by hand, meaning that you build a model in the traditional way - like you would build a realworld 3D model, cutting out the walls out of some sheet material.

Both methods have their pros and cons, but the second method is the easiest one to start out with. It takes a bit of skill to use the first one, especially if you want to use the 2D-component as a plan representation as well.

To be complete: most of the time both methods are mixed. It almost always depends on the project and the amount of time that you have.

Have you ever built a 3D-model in VW before, or would this be the first time? And if you have, how did you proceed?

Kind regards,


P.S.: if you're looking for someone who could give you some "decent" training, you could always get in touch with Nicoline from Enyacad - with my regards [smile]

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Hi guys,

It will perhaps - I stress "perhaps" - be translated in French. It's rather technical, and not every translation office is able to transate this correctly. And I don't have the time to do it myself, so chances are it will never be translated at all. Keep in mind that most people in Belgium are at least bilangual, so even French speaking Belgians can at least understand those Dutch tutorials. Which means there's no real rush to make a translation.

They will without a doubt never be translated in English - again no time to do it. Of course, if NNA would request us to make a translation ... well that would of course change the picture ;-)

B.T.W.: the chair modeling tutorial has been put online.



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