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High Processor Usage NT

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Does anyone have any suggestions as to why running Vectorworks causes continuous 100% processor usage on NT4 with PIII 450MHz and 64 MB Ram

I have tried installing on other NT machines with the same result.Any ideas would be appreciated



ON Line

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We are checking into to this issue. When we find something we will post a response about what we may find.


Shawn Waithe

Diehl Graphsoft inc.

Tech Support Manager

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This also happens with minicad 7! I have tried it on a Celeron 466 (64mb), a pentium 200mmx (64Mb) and a AMD k6-2 300 (64Mb) laptop, all running win98. In all cases, monitoring with Wintop.exe from Microsoft. Minicad 7 always has 98-99% CPU usage, even if you are doing nothing with it(this can keep up for hours), as if the program was running some kind of infinite loop! this happens as long as minicad is the active window. The program gets sluggish with time, and even dragging the mouse becomes a drag!

This is unaceptable behavior from any program.

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I also had this problem with Minicad 7.x. using Windows 98 on a 266 MHz PII and 192 MB of RAM. I found a utility program on the web that frees up memory when available ram reaches a user specified level. The program is called Mem Turbo. It is an inexpensive program that seems to work well. I'm not certain that it is necessary with vectorworks, as I don't seem to have the same problem with VW locking up memory as I did with Minicad 7.x. If you are interested in Mem Turbo check their web site at: http://www.memturbo.com

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