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Orlando Vectorworks User Group

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


We've found a user, Ian Forbes, who volunteered to start a user group in the Orlando Florida area.

We've asked Ian assist in arranging the first meeting for the Orlando area.

Vectorworks is coming down to Orlando on 13th July for an Architects Conference near Disney and wondering if it'd be worth while to come down the afternoon before to start things off for this new User Group.

A meeting place, of any type (cafe, bar or some place of work, etc), has been suggested to kick things off.... although nothing yet has been thought of. It can be almost anywhere in town.

If anyone has an idea of a good venue, Ian would love to hear it!

Everyone has an open invitation to come along and network/learn/have a laugh (hopefully!).

So.... whose got the first suggestion???

Those of you in the Orlando area that are interested please contact Ian directly at ian@offkilterpros.com

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