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Unfortunately there is no other way, aside from using the pull down menu, to join two lines.

You might try to the extend command to join one line to another, or perhaps use the offset tool if either of these might suit the purpose better.

We at Diehl Graphsoft are always open to suggestions from our users, and many have been implemented in versions that have been released. If you have a suggestion or a wish as to how you would like this to work better, please feel free to post on the message board or contact us at (410)-290-5114 (Tel) or (410)-290-8050 (fax) to submit a wish to the list.

Thanks, and sorry we could not provide a better answer than above.

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Join lines keyboard "command-J" on Mac is inefficient in combo with mouse because of right hand/arm movement. I solved problem by using Kensington Turbo-Mouse with 4 programmable keys. Turbo now contros delete (upper left), return (upper right), join (lower right), click (lower left), rotate left 90 (lower left and right), and something else I must not use much because I don't remember what the upper keys in combo do. But obviously the point is you can simplify your keyboard effort by using a programmable mouse.

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