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I'm sure there are some CAD templates of people that have been developed by MiniCad users out there if you do a little searching. What I've been doing though, is scanning images of people that I like from magazines, (unlike the 'square' fashion statements you find in the architectural tracing books) importing them as Pict files and either tracing them by hand or doing a bitmap trace (which you'll find at the bottom of the tools menu.) Once you scan a few, you'll develop a nice library of hipsters to use in your elevations! Good luck.


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If you are doing photo real rendering what we do is export the perspective as a image file, open it in photoshop and then scan photos of people or use a digital camera and add them to a 2 dimensional image. With some photo manipulation you can fake shadows for both people and trees that are convincing and will match the shadows from the exported model. We've found this to be much more sucessful than trying to add people and trees to the 3-D Cadd document. 3-D people and Trees tend to take up an enormous amout of memory and are usually chunky. They will also slow down the rendering engine. Good Luck

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