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8.0 launches instead of 8.5.1

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I recently updated from 8.0 to 8.5.1. The install leaves me with two

files on my hard drive, VectorWorks 8? and Vectorworks 8.5.1?. How can

I get all my files to open with 8.5.1 even if they were previously

created in 8.0? I tried trashing the 8? folder, but then the older

files won't open ("can't find application created with")

Even though new files are created in 8.5.1, they still reopen with 8.0!

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If you are using a mac you need to throw away the 8.0 folder and then rebuild your desk top. You do this by restarting while holding down the option and apple keys until a window appears that asks if you really want to rebuild your desk top. Click yes. This should solve the problem. If your on a pc I dont know what to tell you.

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Yeah, we have 14 Mac workstations and every time we upgrade we have to rebuild the desk top. It has something to do with the system understanding what application to use to open a file. Actually I do it every so ofen anyway just as a maintance issue. Glad to be able to help

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yes, but you have to launch VW first instead of simply double click the file to both open it and launch VW. Also even if VW 8.5.1 is running and you double click the file from the finder It tries to open with 8.0 which after installing 8.5.1 I threw away, so the system cannot find it and sort of gives up. Rebuilding the desk top somehow lets the system know to use VW 8.5.1 to open VW files. I don't fully understand what happens but rebuilding the desk top definitely makes things work correctly.

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Not so in my case.

When I first installed WV 8, I found I had to rebuild the desktop- at that point, the icons didn't show up properly! The program ran fine when I rebuilt the desktop.

I had to execute a similar desktop rebuild when I installed 8.5.

Now here's something strange- when I installed VW 8 on my PowerBook 190 with OS 8, I didn't have to rebuild the desktop at all!

In general, this is good practice once you complete the install of a major program.



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