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reference file naming

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We use dates in filenaming, like 305 floorplan 070125.mcd That is to use the latest version available when more designer are working at the same project.

BUT when one has a reference file, the problem is one has to assign the ref file again every day, as its name will change due to the new date...

How do you people do this at an architectural office???

Please elaborate...


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the date in integral to the file just by it's nature in any operating system. we use a version number in our file names that is associated w/disciplines. for example, the third survey file would be version 203, the schematic file would be 403, and the construction file would be 603. that way we can find our files easily, and our WGRefs, when used, are easy to update. hope this helps...

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We use a date in file names too because saving a file doesn't necessarily mean you've changed part of the model/drawing.

Our files names are made up as follows:

[project phase, such as planning, construction, etc.] [drawing number] [revision, if one drawing enclosed] [description] [project number] [date last worked on]

e.g. C070-C079-GA_Plans-05918-070612.mcd

And a PDF derived from that file would become:


As for what we do with regard to referencing files, we do the same as you. We don't however use it significantly so it's not as big a problem as I imagine it could be for us.

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We're increasingly using Workgroup Referencing so we're looking to rid ourselves of this problem.

I think we're going stop putting a date of the file while it's under production and only add a date when we move the file to Current Issue or Superseded folders.

Similar to DWorks, above, except we won't be doing it every day.

Can anyone think of why this might be a bad idea?

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I can. These are my general rules, applied (very quickly) to your situation:

The file under production should never change its name, especially if it is used in WGR; if interim versions need to be kept (as they should), those would then have date-specific or otherwise relevant names. Filenames should be only as long and complex as absolutely necessary. Drawing number in file name is relevant only in draughting offices, not in design firms. *

Copies in Current Issue may or may not have dates in their names; I would not use them.

Superseded should.

Each issue and stage archived both on-line and off-line. Folder name should be sufficient for indicating the purpose of the file, without a hugely long filename.

Only one copy of anything in the network - now, this is the hard part! (Good old dumb terminals were quite clever!)

Aliases to make it easier to find one's way to the official depositories of data.


*) Titleblock data should include the filename, so the automatic drawing register system (ie. a database) tells from which file a drawing is generated. Sheet layers names = drawing numbers, also automatically or semi-automatically entered in the titleblock.

The introduction of sheet layers have, I believe, made it impossible to have a central drawing register within VW (or maybe there is a trick I have not yet discovered). This is probably called Progress in Maryland, U.S.A.

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