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big building project vs workgroup ref.

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I work at an architectural office, and i am wondering how to split project between more than one designer. I am familiar with workgoup reference, as in that there already is one drawing, and this one i split into 2, 3 or 4 files and keep the first as reference (mostly for symbols)

Now i have a big project containing of 4 slabs (with 4 floors each) in a square, and maybe you already guessed, i would like to make 4 seperate files, and one file in which all 4 slabs are together in areal context. But all slabs are rotated, so they will be symbols.

How do i set up this project easily so designers (VW users) will understand how it works, but moreover please give me a way to get those slabs at an 90 degree angle (for drawing purpose) but when referenced, they are exactly in position. Do i use symbol reference, layer reference??



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by slabs i assume you mean a simple square building w/4 stories, correct? if that is so you are going in the right direction. each building can be a individual file (although if they are all the same, one design will work...). in you site target file, simple WG ref the 4 buildings- although you will need to name each file's layers differently, like BLD-Floor-1...). once you import your reference files, simply create a layer link of each building, rotate the link as required, and place on you site file accordingly. hope this helps...

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4 seperate buildings (with 4 stories) in a square... so 4 files and each file containing 4 layers (one floor on one layer, and classes for seperate building items), so each floor plan aligns with the floor above....now, these files i want in an overall view, so again 4 layers containing the 4 builing floor plans... (as it will be the urban plan)

as more designer are working on this project, it would be great to:

1- have all symbols as reference ; how do i proceed??

2- all seperate plan will be inserted in urban plan: so how do i proceed

That is what is needed...

thanks again


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Bring the 4 files into a single container file via WGR, make layer links of the referenced layers that need to be rotated, and after unlocking the links move and rotate them appropriately. The referenced layers will update, and the layer links will update and maintain their rotation.

Be sure to have unique layer, class and resource (including symbol) names in the four separate building files. Some of your common resources, such as textures and stock symbols, can have common names, as long as you maintain discipline so that when VW asks to update one of those you aren't writing over something you don't want changed.

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