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Vectorworks Performance

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I agree- VectorWorks is slower than MiniCad. Each successive feature has made it increasingly difficult to run this program on weaker machines, such as my PowerBook 190.

Perhaps the best suggestion I can give is to try to evaluate what features in the base VectorWorks you can live with. Make certain that you installed the version of VectorWorks that is most appropriate for your machine. In my case, VectorWorks 8.0 successfully loaded into my PowerBook 190, but it does not include the QuickDraw 3D facility. Also, I run the streamlined AEC workspace. Hey, I can still use the multiple edit/ associative dimensioning features, so what the heck? I can even create walls from polygons, although this feature runs slower than it does in my 7300/180 desktop.

If your program feels dogged, try those approaches and I believe it will cause an increase in speed and performance to more tolerable levels.



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