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Stair PIO problems


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I've recently upgraded to VW 12.5.1, I'm having trouble with the stair PIO. The first problem is relatively minor, I can't get the stair object to take the class line color, I need to set the line color to the color I want instead of using the "Class Style"

The second problem is worse. If I have a stair object that is linked to 2 floors, Floor 1 and Floor 2, the stairway function normally on the Floor 1, it displays in 2d in Plan view, and in 3d in isometric. The same stair object however, on the Floor 2 does not project in 3d. It shows up in plan view, but stays in 2d for isometric views.

I have tried updating all plugins, reinstalling the Stair PIO, reseting plugins, removing and adding the Stair PIO all with no luck. Any one else seeing this.

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Okay, but the problem is if I'm on a design layer, Floor-1 and use the fly over tool, the stairway acts as expected, the 2d stair pio turns 3d and I can rotate it around. If I activate the fly over tool on the design layer Floor 2 (the upper floor), the stair stays 2d and doesn't disappear, so the stair stays in 2d while everything else goes 3d. So I end up with a view with everything in 3d, but the stair still in 2d plan view.

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