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version 9 inability to open files


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I am running version 9 (I know old), and the educational version. I haven't had any problems with it until recently. When I go to open up an old file (made in version 9) it tells me that it was made from an older version (which it hasn't) and won't open the file and closes the program completely. I've tried re-installing the version 9 software, but no luck. Is there something I'm missing? Does a mysterious upgrade occur with each re-install? I'm getting extremely frustrated.

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I know I should upgrade, but there are a few other things I need to "upgrade" first.

It's version 9.0.1 (REALLY OLD I KNOW!) and it's only about 2K, but it would be nice to modify that.

I guess what is ultimately happening is that the error message states that the version I am trying to open is from a newer version than the current version I have (v.9). You click "ok" and the whole program closes without any real explanation or willingness to try and import it. I'm going to have an engineer read the code and see if at one point in time (when I was delusional), I saved it on someone else's computer, with a different version. That would be the only idea.

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If the file is only 2k, then the file has become corrupted and the data is likely to not be recovered.

In VW 9, the error message you are receiving could mean what it says, but also a corrupt or unrecognizable file.

What OS are you using?

You should update to 9.5.3 to ensure you have the latest version of VW 9. You can download all the updates at nemetschek.net/downloads

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