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3D Plumbing drawing

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I have a need to produce a 3D plumbing drawing with many layers of systems involved. I've explored the existing tools in Architect and Designer, but have not been able to create 3D tubular objects.

I used the various methods of making piping runs with polygons, polylines and electrical conduit with only 2D results.

Is there a way that anyone knows to get 3D tubular objects from the existing tools or do I need a 3rd party plug-in ?

Is anyone familiar with "3D Tubular" plug-in? Will it do what I need?

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Thanks, but my need is to be able to change the views to enable seeing it from the top and sides as well as isometric.

I have very complicated layout of 6 plus systems that need to be under slab without interfering with each other. These drawings will be helpful for all the trades involved. More complex than a freeway interchange.

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