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static accessories not "sticking"

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In both VW 11.5.1 and 12.5.0, static accessories like top-hats and color extenders just don't "stick" to their assigned luminaire.

By "don't stick" I mean for example: static accessory's unit number doesn't change when luminaire unit number changes. But most important, when exported to Lightwright they always get entered as lights and not accessories, even when I confirm that their Device Type is listed as static accessory. Making it almost a waste of time.

Any clues?

Thanks in advance


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


Did you place them with the accessory insertion tool? Just setting them as static accessories does not make them associate themselves with an instrument.

If you mave the instrument does the accessory move too? If not, then the accessory is not inserted as an accessory.

When you export do you have the export to LW4 box checked?

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The + should be the default, at least it is in the Windows version,

but I suspect the problem is as Kevin indicated.

Like instruments, the accessories need to be inserted with the tool. Also it is a Triple click process. Click twice to place the accessory and then click on the instrument you want it associated with. You can verify if it worked by grabbing the instruemnent and moving it. As Kevin said, if it moves with the instrument it was done successfully.

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I do insert them using the accesory insertion tool. But they somehow lose their stickiness, and also they export as instruments rather than accessories. May be two seperate problems, I wonder.

I am running 12.5.1 on Dell PC with XP Pro.

And here's another snag, and maybe this is the cause of the problem: I tend to group positions. When I move the group, all the accessories will sometimes split from the instrument and all end up 30 or 40 inches away from the unit (in a uniform manner, i.e. all are the exact same distance from the unit).

My guess is that moving them as a group breaks the link to the unit. I hate having to guess.

Is this a bug?

And this just in: top hats that are mounted on units with scrollers (also insereted with the accessories insertion tool)are exporting (albeit as intstruments) but top hats on units without scrollers are just disappearing!

It's very frustrating since I am producing drawings that are to be distributed and others will work on. All my local 829 colleagues don't like Spotlight to begin with. So I'm out here on a wire!

be well


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Possibly another clue: when exporting instrument data from VW, there is no ACCESSORIES category, but when importing to LW there is!

Also, template holders I inserted into units on positions that I never touched or moved come through fine. Those in positions that have been moved don't come through


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based on further experimentaion: if you group units with accessories, the accessories lose their link to the unit and don't export to LW

I am going over entire plot and re-inserting accessories (using accesory insertion tool, of course, as I have done all along) and I will not group positions, which is a great loss.

I will report this as a bug.


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