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OS 9 and Helvetica Italic


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I have a Mac G4 450 w/ 256 MB ram OS 9. If I use the Helvetica Font and make it italic it becomes invisible (also using OS8.6) and causes VW to crash when I zoom to page. If I use helvetica oblique instead everytings OK. I was just wondering if anyone else noticed this problem. Its particularly annoying when I try to open older documents that were created befor this problem started.

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It works ok for me in 8.5.1. Your helvetica italic font may be corrupt... does it work in other applications? You might try reinstalling the font.


John Williams


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I have loaded the most recient font from my g4 system cd and it worked better but it would crash the plotter no matter if it was plain helvetica or what. so I switched back to the Helvetica from an os 8.6 system cd and I simply try not to use Helvetica Italic. I havent noticed any problems in other applications but I try to pay more attention.

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