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Label Legend frustrations

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I have spent the better part of the morning trying to clean up a plot I drew last night and the label legends have been a big stumbling block. I have them looking like I want for fixtures that are at 0, 90 and a 180 degrees but I can not get the label for my 45 to look anythign close to what I want it to.

Its a PITA because if I insert a new fixture it will look fine with the ERS-45 label but if I change an old fixture to ers-45 it is like the label legend is inserting itself 6" from where it should be.

Any idea or tips, making hte label took longer than it should have IMO so I think I am missing something.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The label legend resizes based on the bounding box of the symbol. Your symbol probably has some geometry that makes the label legend think the instrument is larger then it really is.

The fixture in the LL must not be rotated, it must face the top of the page in order to work.

Also, what version are you using? 12.5 has a few oprions that may help you out.

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I am using 12.5 and I could just drag the fields to where I need them but that kind of defeats the point. Any advise is welcomed

EDIT Can anyone explain this quirk? After I edit a label legend and select a fixture to try it on (using the refresh label button) soem times the changes will take and some times they won't. If I go to another fixture that was inserted at the same time and is the same type and click refresh it will take the changes? It seems like a fixture can only take so many refreshes before it stops.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I'm not sure what you are trying to acheive as far as label placement, but if the bounding box of the symbol in the legend, the bounding box of the symbol you are using are what you expect, and you have not rotated the symbol in the label legend everything should work.

Biggest source of problems with labels being out of place is some extra geometry in the symbol that you con't find unless you look for it. Select the symbol and use fit to window to see about how big the bounding box is.

You're label positions may not update if you have manually moved them. You will need to delete and reassign the label legend to the instrument if my have manually moved the labels.

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