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rendered model on a picture

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ok now I am desperate...All I want to do is see the rendered model on the photo. I cannot seem to do it by making a texture of the photo. So is there any way to just have the picture (jpeg) appear behind the model so I can display that to my client. I do not want to go to photoshop to cut and paste. (My photoshop is not on my laptop and I'm on the road. Please help!

thanks (sorry to be an idiot!)


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If you have RenderWorks - you can use the jpeg file to create a RenderWorks background and assign that to the active layer by double-clicking on the background resource in the resource browser. Then just render using any of the RenderWorks modes.

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I tried that and the obstacle for me is moving the background just where I want it and its size.

you see I am placing a site picture in on a specific angle that forces the model to be in that perspective and size.

I have a few other ideas how to acoomplish this but can anyone tell me how to gid rid of a background without discarding the whole layer? I know I can move the model to a different layer but then I lose the exact location of the its perspective. (gosh I wish there were a way to duplicate that without all the shenanigans of twist and trial and error. thaks for any ideas, help

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