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Technical Support for Renderworks


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I'm trying to install Renderworks on my computer. Although the installation doesn't indicate any errors, Renderworks doesn't appear to be completely installed, and never asks for a serial number. Does anyone have any ideas? (Dell PC, Win98, 128mb memory, Vectorworks runs fine & has serial number registered in the program.)

Diehl won't provide support until my product is registered, although I'm not able to call them long-distance during their business hours, and there doesn't seem to be any alternative. I've never worked with this company before. Do they usually evade supporting their products?

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Zacek, Due to our new policy we cannot help users that are not registered with us. You can register by faxing us your serial number and your important information like, phone number, address, etc. at 1-410-290-8050. Once you do this you can then contact for support by e-mailing us at tech@diehlgraphsoft.com or faxing at 410-290-8050 or call our Tech Support office at 410-290-5114. For a possible solution make sure that RenderWorks is installed into the VectorWorks folder and also make sure that you have QuickTime installed, you can find QuickTime on the VectorWorks CD. If this does or does not work make sure that you register the program to receive further Tech Support.

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