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Problems printing at 200% from windows


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This has been an ongoing problem for our company's CAD dept ever since VW 8.0. We keep hoping it will be addressed, but it continues un-noticed and/or un-acknowledged despite numerous calls and emails to tech support.

Printing any VW drawing from our windows NT 4.0 (SP6) machines at 200% causes text to be "chopped" and some lines/geometry disappear, almost as if lines and text boxes are scaled differently from one another.

Since I suspect a knee-jerk answer, let me say that this happens regardless of the type of printer or driver. We've tried it on 7 different printers spanning 4 different manufacturers using both PS and PCL print modes; it happens regardless of font-type or style, and we have no other problems printing from a every one of our other CAD, wordproccessing, and graphics programs. All drivers are correctly installed, configured and are up-to-date. We've tried every winprint driver setting.

The problems does not manifest when printing from any of our mac workstations.

*Is* this a known problem? Is there anything that can be done to work around it? Any hope of a fix?

Does anyone even care?

Any help would be massively appreciated in solving this ongoing (and annoying) problem with an otherwise great piece of CAD software.


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Instead of using the printer scaling factor if you use the "Scale Object" under "Tools" and

turn on the "scale text" it may work better.


if on the sheet there is only has one scale

change the scale for all layers again with "scale text" turned on.

then close then drawings without saving or use "revert to saved" if you to do more work on the same file.

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