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Need some tips for stadium design.

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that's a challenge. i would think you will need some custom symbols for various seating modules. for example, if the seat are individual you can create one seat and use for all. if the seats are benches, you can use a wall or extrude and make that a symbol. the support structure, if it is a stepped/sloped structure, will probabbly need to be an extrude that can be used as a symbol for each section. this is where thinking about standardization and modules will kick in. the vomitories will be a little easier as they can be typiacl walls and sloped floors. hope this helps...

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Actually, VectorWorks Architect has a "Seating layout" tool that will help hugely with layout of seating. Draw a closed polyline, set a "look to" point, specify row and seat spacing (and pitch between rows) and whether straight or radial, and bingo -- you get your seats in a reshapable group.

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Many Architects will model a small single section of the stadium and then duplicate and rotate the section as needed until the seating plan is closed. You may find it helpful to think on a more granular level by modeling only a few small sections, converting them to symbols and then placing them as needed. The "Seating layout" tool that Robert suggests can effectively be used to help with the initial model section.

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